Romancing Coffee

Coffee…Hmmmm. ..aah what a smell! I just love that aroma and once it enters my nostrils I just can’t resist the urge to gulp down at least one cup then and there. Sometimes even more!
Today was preparing breakfast for kids in the the kitchen when saw the coffee jar on the upper shelf of the kitchen cupboard hidden behind sugar and tea jars, between mouth fresher and milk flavour jars. Took it out from there and in my favourite coffee mug added sugar and coffee and kept beating it untill it was frothy and then added the hot steaming milk. It really was a treat to my taste buds and soul food to my mind and while making it some memories from recent vacations were brewed too. 
As I was beating the coffee the sweet but strong aroma, swirled the moments of my coffee date with my lovely husband and I could really smell that cuppa in my kitchen! It was really soo…soo romantic with all that coffee brewing around and that coffee museum’s little café with its embracing atmosphere. The decoration was so engaging. We were sitting in sort of veranda from where the well sculpted lawn was visible and the sunlight on the fresh green plants and grass on that cold day was more than inviting. We took our time to sip on our favourites. 

The robusta and the cold coffee mix the customized one were so tasty and refreshing that their taste and the smell just settled in my mind’s memory corner so deep that whenever I will smell coffee from now on, will be able to recollect the moment like it occured some moments ago. 

The time flew away like a second, but can feel his hand’s warmth on mine still and his eyes smiling into mine with sparkle. The rays of the sun falling on his face made his eyes little lighter in colour but there was something in that gaze giving depth to the pair of almond eyes. Now thinking about it all, I think I am not wrong on hanging on, may be little more strength or may be more support that I will need and one day I may laugh through my soul and feel happy at heart, putting everything else behind. may be!

There was so much to discover togather about the magic we both love, the history of it from around from the world, and how it came to that particular part of our country. Then there we some antique articles on display which were traditionally used in coffee trade. From the seed drying to brewing to powdering to espresso to instant coffee and what not of the modern world coffee trends. 

There was something called vortex ride and that really was amazing! Though I’ve been to one earlier but with my son alone but this time we all were togather and my hubby was more enthusiastic then rest three of us to go for that. When I tried to avoid it (I am a vertigo patient, these days attacks on high) he urged me and said he will be there to hold an support me if needed and inside when it started he said to avoid looking around instead hold my gaze with his. I thought it would be more intense if I could hold his hand then, but were holding our kiddos,that was more exciting.
Unfortunately I have only few pics,of the place but that doesn’t mean it is not worth being pictured about…There is much to explore about the coffee and the handicraft of the local place.

The place from outside where we were relaxing and enjoying our coffee at its best.

The decor…a coffee plantation worker.

The giant kettles.

The giant filters!

Sort of coffee bean thresher.

I think I cannot come out of that experience soon and may keep boring everyone with my child like excitement, but please bear with me as these memories are my life line to keep sadness and all those evils at bay.

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