Sana Iqbal …a biker who rode against depression and suicide!

Here I go again… I thought I would not touch upon the topic of anxiety or depression let alone the suicide, but something happened that took me to that forbidden road again. No it’s not I who is being discussed here but a person whom I knew for being brave and a fighter, who once was a sufferer like me and many of us I think…at a point of time she was fully caught up in that dark dungeon that she wanted to commit suicide and for that matter she rode on her bike on roads expecting to meet an accident which would finish her all miseries, (for who don’t know her, she was a celebrity bike rider from hyderabad), Sana Iqbal realised her love for riding bikes and that there is so much more to life.

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She returned home and started her fb account to counsel people suffering like her. She took biking seriously and went for a 38,000 km bike riding campaign delivering speeches at educational institutes and platforms like TED. She learned much from this campaign through people of all walks of life. She was a masters in psychology, so used to counsel many to talk them out of suicidal thoughts. She worked as techie at some multinational company here in hyderabad. She was separated from her husband  for last two years and was a single parent to a baby boy, Ali. She was staying with her sister in Tolichoki area.

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Her shift ended at 2 A. M. and she reached home by 2.30 A. M. and was hugging her son when her husband, Nadeem, who also stayed in same area but in another colony came over after finishing his night shift at the same time. He is working as manager with Amazon, asked her out. They went out for a night drive and Nadeem’s control over the car went off resulting into a crash into the road divider. The left side of the car was totally damaged, Sana who was sitting on the passage seat got serious injuries in scalp area, 3 fractures in hands and leg, her husband also got 2 ribs fracture and some other injuries. They both were rushed to a private hospital where during treatment Sana succumbed to death.

Image courtesy : The News Minute

The witnesses say that the car rammed into an iron pillar on the divider which crumbled the car badly. The accident took place in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. Sana ‘ s sister said when in night Nadeem came to take her out that had an argument and then Sana handed over Ali to her and left saying will come back in half an hour. But in the morning a common friend of Sana and Nadeem came to inform about the accident. She went in depression after her marriage and due to differences she got separated from Nadeem. There are some suspicions doing round over this accident as a message sent by Sana to her friends widely circulated which said that her husband or in – law’s are to to be held responsible incase she dies of heart attack or brain stroke. Even her mother who lives in Banglore, is accusing her son in law…saying it’s a cold blooded murder.

Image courtesy: Telangana Today

I don’t know what it is? But I definitely believe that her loss is not her family’s alone. It’s a loss for all those whom she was supporting, counselling and telling the importance of life. For her motto was suicide is not the solution. Such a person who could fight her own demons and come back, telling others to hang on, be positive, her sudden demise left a big question mark in my mind? My thoughts are roaming around this one question…why she had to go this way? When she wanted to die nothing happened and when she started living, her breaths were thrashed.

Some losses are not to be filled.

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