Komorebi… sunlight filtering through leaves!

In a lush green garden under the shade of a huge tree sit down and feel the warmth of the beautiful sunny day. Let the sunlight fall on your face and kiss you gently. Imagine this sunshine is coming through the net Of branches and leaves. You will feel the golden glowing warmth on the parts where the light is falling and the rest will be quiet. If the light us falling on your eyes imagine your eyeballs changing color from dark brown to almond honey brown and with this feeling let the liquid warmth fill your soul and feel the cool breeze ruffling your hair lightly and magnificent scents of various flowers combined into one, fill your nostrils, take a deep breath and close your eyes, count till and exhale and expect the magic of the hour to begin to take over your senses completely. Slowly you will feel the relaxing of your muscles, changing of your surroundings and feel your presence to be somewhere in more serene, calm and peaceful environment, in some deeper dimension. After spending some time in that place when you come back to your senses you Will find yourself more fresh and completely rejuvenated.

This is for daily prompt Expect

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