Whatever I do…its not sufficient.

When we do too much for others but they brush it off with a shrug of a shoulder saying you have only shortcomings,  mistakes and negligence it hurts a lot. Because you take care of them with love in fact you serve them forgetting yourself and in return what you get is your degradation.

It seems right to say, whatsoever you do for them, they will find something lacking in your efforts. In my case I feel as if they are sitting with a magnifying glass so that not even a microscopic point is missed. This scrutiny breaks me down. Sometimes it’s like, why the hell I am here in the first place. A small incident is highlighted to the extremes, it’s unbearable at times.

It feels too lonely and abandoned at such times. Those are the times when I miss my folks like dying person misses his breath.

Every now and then what is heard is not what is required. In what we do for them, appreciations and applauds are not what is expected in return but only one smile acknowledging our efforts is more then enough. And if by chance, as we too are humans, some small or silly mistake is made, it should be left alone with sober caution or with a sigh! Even if someone feels like scolding it should be in limits, because no one makes mistakes willingly. There might be some underlying issue or so.

It feels so chocked up and literally no one to support, when all are grouped on one side,supporting each other in one or the other way, but there’s no one for me. They keep raisins fingers towards me and I feel surrounded by people against me, with not a single one to feel compassion about me.


6 thoughts on “Whatever I do…its not sufficient.

  1. When I was a kid, my brother and I would grab a magnifying glass and go outside and focus the sun light to a bright white point…and burn all kinds of stuff with. Smoke would billow out from whatever got caught in our spotlight…remember this for later. My ex-wife became that magnifying glass that you’re talking about, the one that searched for the smallest infraction… it’s seems because she wasn’t happy, no one could be. She didn’t start out that way, she started out the appreciative one for the effort made. She changed, after our youngest daughter was born. She turned into the wielder of the scorching glass. She is still that way, I’m just not under her glass to get scorched by her sun anymore. I don’t know why people look for imperfections in everything others do, they should turn that glass on themselves and search out what troubles them so. In the mean time, be encouraged, you are not alone.

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