Going to dance class in rain.

It’s 5 in the evening and it’s raining mildly heavy outside.
In this rain I’ve brought my children to dance class on two wheeler…A scooter I live driving when it’s raining. In fact
I love drives in rain. Hugging my hubby from behind,drenching in rain water and shivering with cold of the wind because we are wet. But it is an undescribed thrill I drive from this kind of drive.

Today as I was coming to children’s dance class I could not stop any where to enjoy the weather but in other times me and my hubby darling stop at a coffee shop or a snack shop by the road side, eating or drinking something hot gives a satisfaction beyond explanation.

While I am writing this peace of para, the rain outside has increased from mild heavy to fully heavy. The sound of tipper – tapper has become like high speed wind is blowing. And the visibility has decreased if you lift your head a little bit you can see only white sheet in front of you, this is the density of rain drops. The greens have become more clear and bright after rain wash. In the background of greens pale sky gives a complete contrast to the scenerio. The sound of rain drops has changed to drum beats. The drops falling down are springing back making a floral design where they fall and rise. The wind is blowing with full force and driving the rain in its direction. If you have really sharp eye you can see a pattern of crisscross rain drops. The force of it is such that it’s coming in the waiting lounge.

I am loving the sound of pitter patter and the zooooo….wo oooooh of the wind and the chills it’s sending to the bones.
It doesn’t seems to stop soon. We might have to wait for a while longer even after the class. But my children are more excited then me to go back home in this rain, drenching and clenching their teeth. Now the silent thunder bolt is striking, it feels like God is saying cheese, and then clicks the pic and flash shines.
If I was home, with children I would have gone in the backyard and stood under the sky with stretched arms ready to embrace the joy. ….here goes the strike once again! With…Wroom….thraaak sound! Lightening and the striking is continous. The speed of rain is not slowing down neither seems to, soon. Now can’t resist so going to the walkway to enjoy the shower.

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