State of mind.

Thought to ask you a question but then I have asked you the same question so many times. And every time you have given me the answer, but different each time.
And sometimes I am so lost and confused that I question my own existence. It’s like asking self that do I exist, even for myself or just a mirage..?
It’s like my brain banging itself on the skull bones and getting tired of being hurt uselessly without any clue to answers to my questions, it rests for some time and again it starts asking the same old questions to self and banging itself on not getting the answers.
It’s an ongoing process I think, it won’t ever stop, not even in my grave. Is it so, that I am not destined to get the answer. If so then please life have mercy on me and let me hold the eternal friend’s hand.

5 thoughts on “State of mind.

  1. My ‘I’ feels like that too, but now it comes with a knowing my peaceful state is not far away ~~~~ like this or /\/\
    #Mooji Baba/Papaji can help shed light.
    Maybe… my blog posts ( Leela, and further notes love/enlightenment) too 🙂

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  2. Actually forget that, your from India right… there’s prob a number of highly conscious beings in nearby ashrams and all u need to do is sit in there presence.
    I wish I could have this option too 😦
    The guru/true master is the one who kills all your questions and raise your consciousness constantly

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