Among everything  priceless the most priceless is trust. Its really hard to earn and once it’s broken it’s impossible to earn back. So once you get someone’s trust it’s a biggest morale duty of ours to keep it. Similarly when we trust someone it’s their duty to be trust worthy and keep the environment and the air around them clear and healthy so that our trust is not broken.
If it happens, mark my words, living is like hell. Breach of trust in any walk of life is unforgivable sin. Even if you forgive you won’t forget and the pain won’t let you be at peace. Sometimes so happens that you cannot do anything about the trust breaker but sit quiet and sulk in pain. No matter how hard you try, the trust once gone won’t come back and sometimes both parties regret in vain. Pay with your life or take their life or keep vengeance for a lifetime but nothing matters. Only a void space is felt in your heart. Your belief system turns upside down, leaving you at the deepest darkest  pit from where you cannot come out. So much fun, so much joy, current to live life, so much is lost and that happiness cannot be purchased back with whatever You are ready to pay.

That is the reason I feel trust is the only priceless thing that exists in the world.

6 thoughts on “Priceless…trust

  1. Growing as people is our only hope, but often we need to move mountains before we can earn it back depending on the degree of broken trust. But we can always try to understand why the trust was broken in depth and see if we can find it in ourselves to trust again.

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