IBMC #07: The News and Paper Challenge


The article I’ve taken from Times of India/Telangana/A.P. dated 11/08/17

This topic I picked up to showcase my thoughts on one of the most burning topic…the girl child…beti bachao, beti padhao.


This article brought goosebumps to me. I mean really it’s so inspiring to see girls encouraged so much, in the times when there is so much going on against them. The new born child is thrown wrapped up in a plastic bag, left to die either by suffocation or by starving and some cases are seen where the stray dogs or rats bite them to death.

In my opinion one should empower their daughter as much, so that she can face the world proudly. There is nothing that a girl can’t do and a boy can. Every field is conquered by them. Daughters do make us proud similarly. Educating one girl is like educating coming generations. Many social evils can be eliminated. Many lives can be saved. If a daughter is educated, loved and respected she will grow into a more responsible and disciplined mother who can educate her child to resiprocate her values towards the other members of the society, specially the female members.

In my view, loving, caring, respecting and educating a girl can make a lot of difference to the society, if not big then at least a significant change can come.


India- A country marching forward.

India as we all know is divergent country. Since beginning it has given shelter to all oddities and diversities, may be of human race, flora or fauna. We find all type of weathers, geographical diversities, similarly we find all sorts of human races well mingled in Indian culture and that too since the history is known. This has given us the variety in languages and dielects. All this has given people of this land  vast opportunities to grow n develop and prosper. The trades have flourished here in the previous historic times as well, making it rich not only in culture but also wealth wise giving it the name of ‘Sone ki Chiriya’. That really was a golden period for our country, the likewise examples of prosperity and growth are not seen anywhere in the then world.Which attracted more attention towards our nation and it was rampaged by foreign and known neighbours alike.

Then came a period when the ‘Golden Bird’ tag was brutally crushed under the feet of invaders. Everything that was beautiful and elegant, was destroyed by the them. But the beauty of the soul could not be destroyed, thus the invaders made it their home and contributed in its rich cultural heritage, along with the nation which again stood up on its feet after the rampant. Giving world a message that you can injure a body but you cannot hurt the soul. Who ever and whatever came to this beautiful country was amalgamated as part of its own. The nature’s gift to the country was and is to accommodate whatever comes it’s way, and hopefully it will remain so. As I, being a proud Indian! believe that it is the strength of the nation, this is how it fights back the all oddities. And that’s the reason when the country was being ruined by Europeans and British specially, it could face the nightmarish situations and hell with such a courage. And stood victorious finally with some fatal wounds.


If we take the present day scenerio, it’s the same fighting spirit that has shown up from time to time, whenever required. All the people of India have worked hard to bring it the name and fame it has today. The diversity in all the walks of life has given us better opportunities for all round development. Today where we stand as Nation, not an individual identity is seen but Indians as single community are visible. Today there is nothing which is not India can do. To name a few, ISARO ‘s success, Indians heading  most of the top most multinationals, a country which western world used to call third world country has paced forward as one of the biggest economy, Indians have set up companies with which world wants to trade and feels proud to be part of. India has marched forward from a country of snake charmers and magicians in the eyes of Western world to a well advanced, highly qualified, well educated, advanced technology and technique equipped nation. Today the world believes in the methodology of our country. For education they refer to us. Many computer applications, tools, and what not have been developed by Indians.Today India is advancing in the technologies related to farming, and development of the villages. Mostly India is electricity enabled. Technology has reached each and every nook n corner of the country. Even the far away villages are on e – governance, e – seva, online banking etc. These are the few things to name. But there is lot that India has achieved as a nation. Humanity and humbleness are the qualities which every Indian possess. No matter what, they do not forget their roots and the brotherhood they share. In a family where some members might have querals but at the end of the day come to gather to have dinner and share and discuss their experiences, same goes with the citizens of India too. They March forward to the development and betterment of the country as a single person.


In a nut she’ll,  what makes me proud about my country is its ability to stand affirm and arise to sky from the ground against all the adversities.


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IBMC #06: The Mass Media Challenge

task-6 Such a beautiful picture to look at but gives chilling spine to me. I have very spooky experience related to it.

This place is situated somewhere down south. Some couple of years ago we went for family vacation and on the back waters we got a resort to stay at. Initially it was as beautiful as it’s looking here, but on the second day of the vacation we met some locals in the flee market,an attraction of the place, who told us some notorious stories about the lodge we were staying in. First we rubbished the whole thing as negative publicity stint but after passing of two more days, something happened, something very scary.

It was 7 in the night and everyone was sitting around a campfire outside our cottage when the telephone in the sitting area of our cottage rang. I went to pick it up, thinking it’s a routine call from the reception to remind us of dinner time. But as I picked up the receiver I could hear only grumble like someone was clearing his throat before speaking. When I said hello again I could hear in a very grumpy unclear voice, a poem sort of warning….


search of skin,

color no matter,

brighter or darker,

tell no one,

I will take someone,


–  ghost, me!

And the recipe fell of from my hand with a thudding sound on the ground and I shrieked so loudly that everyone came running in to see what the matter was. I turned into pale yellow as if someone suck the blood out of me. And I fainted. Next day when I came to my conscious I was still frantic and wanted to leave at once. I didn’t want to stay in that spooky scary resort anymore, actually I wanted to go back home. Later on way back to airport I told everybody what I heard on the phone.

Still the investigation is on about the crank calls in that resort. Many have come up to complain same  sort of calls.



IBMC #05: The Not So Quite Quote Challenge

I am confused at times. Should I sound? Should I echo?                                 This is what my mind questions me at times like this when it’s very confusing situation. Like just now when I am supposed to Write a  story for my blog which I have never done before. But some how I have  started to do so but there Are so many questions going on in my mind, like am I on right track, or what I have understood of this challenge is right interpretation or not and blah blah blah. Now in a sudden lighter mood my mind is telling itself “You need not answer all the questions! You can just laugh and laugh again.” And this is what I am feeling right now to do. But my thoughts are rushing in just like flood water in surroundings and are scaring me. Because,  thoughts – they do what we don’t ask for!

Something is telling me that what I am writing is not what is wanted of me. May be it’s my gut feeling that’s warning me. Yeah! I knew it! That I don’t know! I really don’t know any thing about the challenge I have taken. The problem is that at a time we are supposed to think about one point leaving everything else. But our thoughts run behind every single thing they come across. So, I will let mind rest now without worrying about the challenges,  because I know it’s normal that at times, we pretend to think on one and actually think everything else! So for now I will sign off and let my thoughts sink in my mind so that they will be processed in proper form when required in more peaceful time.



IBMC #04: Hunt a Haiku Challenge

The haiku I selected is : Haiku 04

love lasts for a while,

when the while is forever,

forever looks a while.

Though it’s the first time I read the haiku and tried my own, yet it was a good exercise to sharpen the thought procedure. I wanted to explain a real story, but instead tried it this way. Hope its okay.

Love has its own side effects ,

The eye has to cry to shed the pain,

But still the heart belongs to him.




“IBMC #03: Risk for a Random Challenge”

Love has its own side effects.

Eyes have to cry to shed the pain.

Heart goes ga-ga over every action.

The series of reaction and over action is called life.

Running to n fro, is the hustle from morning to night.

Bread and butter is what every responsible person has to provide.

Electing a responsible politico is the rightful duty of every citizen.

Good up bring is the right of every child and morale duty of parents.

Enjoying the challenges is what you are supposed to do here.

Even this is also counted in experience.




 “IBMC #02: Freeze a Foto Challenge”


A beautiful day spent with my heartbeats. The whole day was spent splashing, sliding and shouting in the pools of an amazing water amusement park. This pic is taken from cable trolley ride. Though I was fear struck due to the height but still could not stop myself from taking the pic of breath taking view.








When I see You.

Incredible Blogger Marathon Challenge


Phrase a paragraph.


When I see you, I see life, I see hard work and I see the hunger for success. Apart from all this, I see the innocent person who is a good son, a good father and above all a best friend ever one can have and then I start missing you as my only trusted friend. But I learn so much from you as a person, as a dedicated artist and above all a caring husband. It gives me immense pleasure to be part of your life. Only sometimes it happens that on seeing you I feel total failure.


On the whole when I  see you I feel proud.



मुहब्बत कुछ यूं निभाई

चेहरे पे न शिकन कभी आने दी

दर्द को कुछ यूं पी लिया

उनकी बेवफाई को दिल से लगा

अपनी बेइज्जती कुछ यूं समेट ली

वो हर शह में हमें तोड़ते रहे और हम हंस कर टूटते रहे

अपनी मुहब्बत कुछ यूं निभाई हमने।



वो एक शहर था, वो एक गली थी,

जिसमें  गुम मेरी हंसी थी,

इधर उधर ढूंढा बहुत, मगर न मिलना था न मिली वो

परेशां होकर, एक खाका खींचा,

और लबों पे चस्पा कर लिया,

लरजते लबों को सबने देखा,

दिल के दर्द को दबाते हुए लरजे थे ये न कोई देख पाया।