Sparrow ‘s Nest 

Today sat down to write a post and was about to publish when some thing went wrong and it was ruined and had to cancel the publishing. I don’t know why but today everything is bit on the loose end.
But I have so many things to say that I can’t just sit mourning the mesh up that occured this morning.
I actually got the video of a small sparrow family where both male sparrow and the female sparrow were taking turns to feed the babies. When the mamma sparrow flew to bring the food papa sparrow sat with children and vice versa. Once both came out of the nest and were sitting on the grill of my balcony when suddenly the babies started chirping very loudly as if we’re afraid of being alone. The papa sparrow first flew back to nest and as the mamma sparrow entered the nest the male sparrow sat on the verge of nest and looked around for a while and being satisfied of the surrounding that there was no danger he flew away and within Moments returned back with food in beak.and went to the nest exactly at the same moment mamma sparrow flew for the food. Meanwhile the chirping of the babies continued. When it returned with food it didn’t go directly to the nest, instead sat on the grill and saw around and as she caught sight of me it flew farther away from there and sat on a pipe. I didn’t want to miss the chance to shoot her feeding the babies so kept standing there. As long as I stood there it didn’t come near the nest. The chirping increased and the papa sparrow cocked out of the nest as if checking what’s taking mamma sparrow to get late. Then I had to move little away from where I was standing with the cam. Then only the bird flew in the nest. For few seconds or the minute at the most both of them stayed in the nest and then papa sparrow flew away. This story continued for a while. It gave such a pleasure to see the sharing of liability and equal participation in the upbringing and care of babies even in the birds. At the time of posting it the mesh up occured and I couldn’t upload it.
But it gave me a point to think that in the society in this part of world where I live it’s not taken as shared or equal responsibility. Instead it’s totally left over the female parent. I am not saying all are Sam but still in this age a bigger number in society believes that it’s th duty of a mother to up bring the child from the day one to the day she dies. If something good happens the credit is given to the father saying his children and without doing anything much or at all he will take all the credit but if something bad or wrong happens to or with or even because of the children, no matter who is responsible, the blame goes to the mother. I was thinking why can’t we be like these birds. At least during the initial and crucial time when he guidence of both the parents is required. And specially when the mother requires the help and support from the father.
As far as my knowledge goes, involvement of both parents in the right, disciplined and balanced guidence and upbringing, the children turn out to be good person, citizen and human being apart from good children to parents.

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