Pleasant Morning

Today the weather is so pleasant that if I could leave everything and sit enjoying it I would have done it. In the early morning when I went out in the balcony (my balcony has small plant pots with flowers and climbers in them, making my balcony grill apt for such weathet) I wanted to take a coffee cup and my writing to sip on coffee while writing my blog, but morning time is too tightly packed with other work to keep me on my toes. So I decided to finish off everything soon and sit down to write in this inspiring scenerio.

So here I am with my blog in the balcony, with little green plants and cool breeze of rainy day. The direction of the drizzling is towards the balcony so it’s falling on my face making me feel like some fresh natural mist with green scent, rejuvenating me instantly. The sparrows and pigeons have come to sit on my grill to take shelter. One little young sparrow is shaking itself to get rid of rain water. The chirping of the birds and the goo goo sound of the pigeons is like a music to my ears. In the hustle of all domestic chores it’s so relaxing.

Now as some time has passed the drizzling is stopped, the birds have flown away, I am left alone with my thoughts. At some distance still one or two sparrows are chirping. My domestic help has just turned in. The sounds she is making while cleaning and washing bring me back to the reality.

I want to bask in this natural beauty for some more time but have to sign off as I have an appointment with the doctor, so got to go but I know I will come back and enjoy this scene for some more time before lunch.
Tuesday Chatter 93

One thought on “Pleasant Morning

  1. This is a lovely post and I can relate to sitting outside on your balcony with a good cup of coffee because I enjoy the same. Thank you for visiting Tuesday Chatter and linking to this enjoyable post.


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