One day out in the nature

Last week from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon my whole day was spent amidst nature.

The weather was cloudy and it drizzled now and then. The surrounding was rich in greenery. Wednesday evening was spent in the pool which was surrounded by tall green trees and heavy floral bushes. Dinner was followed by a lazy walk in the green pathways, covered by all sorts of plants, trees and hedges. When the wind blew it brought different scent every time with it. Dim lights were lit all through the walk way. The walk was all needed at the time. It did refreshed mind and gave new energy.

 Next morning we had to leave early to continue the journey. So after 1 hour’s drive the scenery changed totally. It seemed that nature has painted on the canvas of landscape with grey sky as background and different shades of lush green r in foreground. The depth was visible without the camera Eye.  In some places along the road trees were covered by climbers and that gave a totally different formation to the whole thing. The plain land area gave the look of a beautiful hill station. I got to see some big banyan trees covering a large area beneath.

At a point couldn’t resist the urge to get down and feel the drops on my face when it was drizzling. The coolness of water and scenty breeze ruffling my hair felt like mother nature herself touching my face.

The whole experience is unexpressed in words. It was like some secret passage of nature unfolded itself in front of us. I just lived my one day outing in the nature and the experience will be nurtured for life in my memories.

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