It’s never too late to…

Life…! A beautiful journey. Full of new experiences, lessons, views and all.
One should not stop the process of learning all through the life
‘coz it may hinder the growth in many ways. ..may that be spiritually, emotionally,physically or mentally. Learning something new every day is the way of life’s journey.

I once read a story long back ago, about a lady who was a maiden and wanted to stay so. She was a teacher and used to visit her brother, who was a family man, on a regular basis. But her sister in law always shied away from her and niece and nephew also were on some distance. The reason was she never used to appreciate them, their choice, or never encouraged them.
One day she was talking about the attitude of her sister in law and her children, with her colleague, who in return told her that it was not their fault but hers. She should appreciate and encourage them.
Lady thought about the advice of her friend and decided to change herself from then. The next visit to her brother’s house was overwhelming experience for her. The moment she reached there, her sister in law just returned from shopping. Lady asked her what shopping has she done and when she showed her, she praised and said your choice is really nice, can you take me shopping next time, I also want so beautiful clothes. Listening this the sister in law felt so happy and satisfied that she forgot all her resistances against her and sat chatting to her, made tea for her and asked her to stay for dinner, similarly the children seeing affectionate side of their aunt were amazed. Since then the life of the lady turned, she never felt lonely or out of family.

So as far as I am concerned it’s never too late to learn humanity, to show affection and appreciation to save the relationships and maintain love in them. Being humble is all required to nurture the relations.

‘This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’

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