A celebrity’s wife

So much show going on outer front

The inner self is unheard and silent

The loneliness no one can understand

The irony is, she only chose the status


Unheard desires, unsung love songs

Too much to handle, but nothing allowed to say

What she gets is bonus of her own deeds

Time is the only thing she hurdles for… the We time!


All chores, children and family, she will laugh with

But her own self longing the company of her beloved

Only that but everything she gets…the name, fame, money

Not what she actually wants, the actual point the journey started with!


All you see is her smiles not the tears, she brink

Lashes flap and take it away with a beaming smile

Oh! Why she chose this loneliness and filth of life

May she rest in peace! after she is gone.

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