IBMC #10: The Happiness Challenge

Oh! Finally I made it to the last challenge. It was a good learning experience.

Happiness is….

Mom’s lap to sleep , father’s chest to hide your face when you are worried, or them both to hide behind them when feel danger.

Happiness is also looking into your be love’s eye and see the future to gather,  it’s when you see your child smile for the first time or call you mamma papa for the first time.

When you get your dream job or when your parents agree to your choice of life partner. When your first dream comes true and everyone is applause g for you.

To see a creased face smiling through dull color but bright eyes. Sun rays falling on your face and giving a light hue to your eyes. The morning or evening in garden between green grass and beautiful flowers. A good book in hand to read and coffee with sandwiches to eat.

This life is too short so for me happiness is everything that makes me smile heartily.


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